Wisdom Teeth

Procedures Wisdom teeth
Impacted wisdom teeth remain the bread and butter of most oral and maxillofacial surgical practices. No one is more trained to handle these teeth and the potential complications associated with them. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth without room to erupt normally into the oral cavity to be hygienic, functional teeth. When left in place, these teeth can cause problems for the adjacent teeth, including decay, periodontal pockets or crowding. Pathologic problems including cysts and acute infections can also occur.

The great majority of patients undergo extraction of their wisdom teeth in the office under IV anesthesia. Most patients are treated in less than 90 minutes and require 1-2 days of rigorous post-operative care, at which time the patient can “ease” back into more routine day-to-day activities. Rarely, complications may occur which require more attention and down time.

It is recommended that wisdom teeth be removed no later than young adulthood, as research has shown that with complete root development, patients experience a more difficult post-operative course and have a higher incidence of complications.