Preoperative Care Instructions

For patients who will receive I.V. anesthetic, please follow these very important preoperative care instructions.

Patient Surgical Instructions

Food, Water and Medicine

If your surgery is scheduled for the morning, DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight.

If you surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, we encourage clear liquids up until three (3) hours before surgery. No solid foods should be consumed within six (6) hours of the surgery.

The doctor may prescribe pre-operative medications. These may be taken with a sip of water. Any other medications you take on a regular basis should be discussed with the doctor or nurse.

Transportation and Supervision

A reliable adult (one per patient) must accompany you to take responsibility for your transportation and welfare because the medicine you will receive will diminish your thinking and reflexes. This person must remain at the office during your surgery (usually an hour) and transport you home immediately after. It is important that the attendant watch you carefully for 4-6 hours after surgery. You should not be allowed to drive or even walk around unescorted because the anesthesia can result in slow reaction time.

Please Note: Your surgical procedure will not be performed if your escort/driver is not present at the time of check in.

It is our office policy to require that the escort of any surgical patient remain in the office during the patient’s entire stay in our office. Should the escort leave the premises and not be available at the time of the patient’s discharge, the following will occur: The patient will be transported to the appropriate hospital via ambulance. They will then be admitted to the hospital for observation. The ambulance transport as well as the hospital admission will be at the patient’s expense.

Clothing and Hygiene

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, including a sleeveless or short-sleeved shirt. Please remove lipstick, nail polish and jewelry. Contact lenses are discouraged. Lace footwear is encouraged (tennis shoes, etc.)

Brush your teeth and gums before coming to the office.


Cancellation Policy

There will be a $125 fee charged for patients who do not give a 24-hour cancellation notice.


Downloadable Instructions

Please download our Pre-Op/Anesthesia Instructions form, keep it with your other paperwork and be certain to read it the night before your surgery.

Please download our Post-Op Instructions form for important information following your surgery.

Problems or Concerns?

We have a 24-hour answering service to assist with any problems or concerns.

(865) 584-6207